Definition for flexibility

noun as in elasticity, adaptability

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Example Sentences

In addition to its flexibility, one of the big things was its reliability.

“If a customer prefers to not fly on this aircraft, we’ll provide flexibility to ensure they can be easily re-accommodated,” the carrier said in a message to employees.

From Fortune

Baxter-Gilbert acknowledges that the shrinking may not be due to natural selection and could instead be a consequence of the toads having the developmental flexibility to respond to a quirk of their island environment.

The agencies offer staffing flexibility and can help shield companies from legal issues surrounding employees’ questionable immigration status or workers’ compensation claims because they are the direct employer.

That flexibility, and the trust it created, is playing a role this time.

From Digiday

The UN methodology affords its team a little more flexibility.

The job requires a mind for logistics, flexibility, and risk control.

The U.S. government should expedite their cases while showing some modicum of flexibility in reviewing their documentation.

The amount of strength, flexibility, stamina, everything it takes to be a gymnast is insane.

Will the U.S. demonstrate a reasonable amount of flexibility to satisfy him when it comes to the nuclear program?

Equal flexibility of the joint could certainly have been obtained with a smaller number of bones.

She noticed the strong, thick fingers, devoid of flexibility, yet evidently of terrific strength.

Sisal also lacks the flexibility of Manila, being much more stiff and harsh.

The merit of the simple suspension bridge is its cheapness, and its defect is its flexibility.

This does not sound promising, but it works perfectly well in practice by the exercise of a little flexibility.


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