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noun as in pliancy

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The neural plasticity, or ability of the brain to change, that this protein stimulates has been shown to boost cognitive function, including learning and memory.

For many people, the brain can spontaneously recover its plasticity once the stress goes away.

Some researchers think that these drugs also enhance plasticity in the brain and, when paired with psychotherapy, can be a powerful treatment.

Neuroscientists suspect that this behavior, known as spike timing dependent plasticity, is the fundamental axiom that neural networks use to code for causality.

This state is critical to our ability to learn and memorize, as well as for plasticity, which is the brain’s ability to adapt to something strange and new.

Second is a book on brain plasticity—that is, how the brain constantly reconfigures its own circuitry.

This John is sickly and sallow, his body lacking plasticity.

It may express itself in the masses as mere plasticity and softness of spirit.

This is what is called plasticity, the power of changing shape without disintegration.

For the great advantage, it seems to me, that America possesses over the Old World is its material and moral plasticity.

X-ray-diffraction studies showed no material differences, nor were there detectable differences in “feel”, smell, or plasticity.

Its perfect plasticity allows it to be rolled into sheets, drawn into tubes, or moulded into any desired shape.


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