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adjective as in downhill

Strongest match

Weak matches

adjective as in sinking

noun as in elimination

noun as in shedding

Strong matches

Weak match

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Example Sentences

Roughly two million of them now live in the forests, wiping out 10 of the 12 native bird species by the 1980s and preventing roughly 90 percent of new tree growth by eating the birds who would normally spread the seeds in their droppings.

In this way, the scientists have actually used rodent droppings to reconstruct temperature changes over thousands of years.

Despite the dropping price of solar, the transition to renewables will still be costly.

Google is not alone in repeatedly misjudging the dropping price of solar cells over the last few decades and its impact on how we think about clean energy.

Yes, the cover protects the grill from rain, snow, and bird droppings.

Aviation experts across the world experienced severe jaw dropping at this news.

The industry lore is downright jaw-dropping in the details of the cons known as “brick-in-box” returns.

Then we were dropping in on some cabaret in Denver, or perhaps it was a restaurant in Nevada.

Secondly, as GBCE reports, it puts the kids themselves at a higher risk of dropping out of school, or abandoning it all together.

Even by the already money-drenched standards of American politics, the Eldridge campaign was a jaw-dropping spectacle to behold.

First a shower of shells dropping all along the lower ridges and out over the surface of the Bay.

Fancy that enormous shell dropping suddenly out of the blue on to a ship's deck swarming with troops!

Chief and most musical among these signs were the almost forgotten sounds of dropping water, and tinkling rills.

You often have fellows dropping in to your chambers at night; at my house we shall be secure from interruption.

She was only having a look; flying around the shipping and Headquarters camp at a great height, but dropping no bombs.


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