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adjective as in earthward

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“I’m hopeful the downward trend in positive cases means that we can start shifting our focus on reopening things and less on enforcement,” he said.

The longer we wait, the more difficult it will be to turn emissions downward.

In theory, those policies should also help ease the burden to families of raising children, thus slowing the downward spiral in the nation’s birth rate.

From Fortune

For a country whose economy has been on a downward slope since demonetisation in 2016, India’s management of the pandemic proved to be the final nail in the coffin.

From Quartz

Be aware there is some visual distortion with these lenses when looking downward.

The now-convicted felons will hear their sentences in January, but their story continues to spiral downward.

This downward spiral involving local power politics was obvious to the Americans in the valley.

To his fellow survivors and to the audience, this delusion indicates another slip on a downward spiral.

All of these rules grew organically from the community rather than being dictated downward by a cen­tral authority.

The number of families who struggle to put food on the table has barely inched downward, even though employment is up.

Now here was a lover's meeting, not lacking the shy, downward glance of dark eyes as steel-blue eyes flashed frank admiration.

Their path here separated, Mrs. Martin following the downward course of the sandy lane, and Dorothy climbing the hill.

One swift downward thrust Garnache made at the mass that wriggled under his cloak.

Rising to a point where it cools, the vapour gathers back on the rafts and tends again to weight the cloud downward.

When they start downward they have, as observations show, a temperature not much above the freezing point of salt water.


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