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noun as in round object

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The disks had different diameters, with the biggest disk at the bottom and the smallest disk on top.

The three disks have different diameters — the biggest disk is at the bottom and the smallest disk is at the top.

These rocks are the first solids that condensed out of the disk of dust and gas that surrounded the young sun and ultimately formed the planets, scientists say.

So it is with gaming retailer GameStop, a relic of the pre-Internet era when people had to drive to the mall to get the latest Call of Duty, rather than download it directly to their console or pre-order a physical disk for mail delivery.

From Time

Your computer will move data as quickly as it can, taking into account the speeds of the source disk, the interface over which the data is flowing, and the capabilities of the destination disk.

Divide the dough in half and very gently pat each half into a round 1-inch-thick disk.

If your ears are tired of slick auto-tuned vocals, pick up this disk for an aural detox.

The direction of polarization for a quasar is determined by the accretion disk surrounding it.

We see the protoplanetary disk around it at an angle, but nearly “face-on.”

Which is lucky: we can see the gaps in the disk more clearly than if the disk were at a steeper angle.

The disk of light disappeared, and the alert constable could be heard moving along the corridor to inspect the other offices.

Now and then Venus may be observed as a black spot crossing the disk of the sun.

The disk of the upper wings is rather blacker than the rest.

For a few moments - 167 -the sun bathes the great garden in a pinkish glow, then drops slowly, a blood-red disk, behind the trees.

I carry the pile to the table provided with an iron post, about eighteen inches high, topped with a small inverted disk.


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