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Those burdens, while they seem small, could also deter people who need the vaccine from getting it.

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Others have been deterred by fear of the virus, especially in jobs at restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues.

Sam Lemmo, who oversees the department’s Office of Conservation and Coastal Lands, has reasoned that the sandbags and burritos deter property owners from building illegal seawalls.

I get to wear a mask all the time that deters microparticles — and smells.

We know current laws deter testing and create additional barriers for vulnerable populations.

Security guards have also been posted to add some muscle (but this has done little to deter vandals in past years).

They knew they might see things that will disturb them, but could not deter them from their duty.

This loan has done nothing to deter the hardliners: just ask the current occupants of Evin prison.

The program, Satellite Sentinel Project, is designed to document and deter atrocities against civilians.

Assassinations of community leaders both weaken local coordination against ISIS and deter potential informants.

Storms, fires, rail disasters, major accidents—even death—shall not deter.

The perilous adventures which our friends had encountered on their expedition did not deter them from further enterprises.

If family considerations deter you from taking what perhaps is an insane risk, I shall not expect you to join me.

Nor should a common interest with Mr. Croker and certain of that gentleman's retainers in the Port Chester railway deter him.

He raises difficulties diligently enough, but it is only that they may be the better overcome, not that they may deter.


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