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verb as in keep from happening

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The field of flags on the Mall simulated a gathering of all the president’s supporters who couldn’t be there, and forestalled the optics of him being sworn in before an empty field.

To forestall such violence, Congress set up a commission to settle the dispute.

They may allow the utility to forestall millions of dollars in cleanup costs outlined by the December 2014 regulations.

After months of casting doubt on their efficacy in slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus, he decided not to send a strong message on the matter even while infected — a decision that seemed to forestall the possibility of an about-face.

Now climate change has made it hotter and drier than ever before, and the fire we’ve been forestalling is going to happen, fast, whether we plan for it or not.

The invasion of Crimea, however, shows that the Putin has chosen to forestall change with the help of foreign aggression.

Lukashenko had hoped that the biting cold of December would forestall protests.

The way to beat them is not to forestall or worry about who scored points today.

Chavez could be declared "temporarily absent," a narrowly legal if baldly political maneuver to forestall succession.

The problem is that in an effort to forestall an Israeli strike, Obama is making war pledges now.

"Why, you—" Mandleco gave a snort of anger and started forward, but Beardsley managed to forestall him.

Am I suddenly to obtain some post, and do people know it, or foresee it, because they forestall me and bow to me first?

"You would only forestall my own blow," she said quietly, and there was new silence.

They will report this to the rulers unless we forestall them.

The Russians, recognizing their peril, completed the assembly of their forces to attack the allies and forestall them.


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