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verb as in destroy

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After the closure of stores decimated the in-store sampling that many beauty brands relied on, Marie Claire launched a direct mail sampling operation, expecting to gather tens of thousands of signups within the first year.

From Digiday

The ASF outbreak that decimated China’s pig population in 2019 resulted in national pork output hitting a 16-year low.

From Time

That’s as scared as I’ve ever seen Thanos, and if he hadn’t said decimate my entire team to get her off of me, I think she would have done it.

From Time

Stocks have been on a record-shattering tear after a devastating drop-off during the pandemic’s first wave, even as the coronavirus continues to cause mass deaths, halt travel, decimate businesses and push millions into poverty.

With the coronavirus pandemic still raging and decimating local businesses, Manna, a drone delivery company, gained approval in late October to launch its service in Oranmore, Ireland.

From Fortune

And now, the plan is not only to decimate public-sector unions, but all unions—to deplete the money they can spend on politics.

And, from the south, chronic wasting disease is poised to decimate the elk herds.

When we decimate the funding for hospital preparedness, we put ourselves in great peril.

Instead we must decimate the mid-level leadership ISIS relies on.

One set of officials advocated for a campaign to decimate ISIS in both countries by striking ISIS targets across Syria.

These are the dreaded wild dogs which decimate the game in the jungle.

Soon the artillery of both armies opened, and a rain of cannon balls began to decimate the opposing ranks.

This was an ominous hint that he intended to decimate them, after the fashion of Field-Marshal Liposcak.

One might easily decimate a whole population, as indeed happened in the South Sea Islands when smallpox was introduced.

Our men continued to decimate the enemy so thoroughly that they had scarcely five men on deck alive or unwounded.


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