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That’s because a critical mass of people must be vaccinated in order to attain herd immunity.

Pence’s display of leadership means something, but not nearly as much as implementing a plan so a critical mass of people can get immunized — ending the coronavirus nightmare he and his boss have actively made worse.

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So there’s a critical mass in the state — particularly in the northeast of the state, but really throughout the state — that just aren’t taking the precautions they should be taking.

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They would rather, perhaps, become the next WhatsApp and be a 2BN user silo rather than play nice with other people because they’re already past critical mass.

If it is, it will take Apple longer to get to some sort of “critical mass.”

Without a critical mass of media, the politicians can get away with claiming the Atlanta paper has a vendetta against them.

If a critical mass of people is afraid or is convinced to fear, the signal is contagious.

A critical mass of influential figures now demands the GOP act on immigration, one way or the other.

And awareness is the first step in the process of building a critical mass to effectuate change on issues.

With Seacrest, the queue of big-name Miss Havishams in lacy, "nude" boring dresses reached a critical mass.

Too well shielded for the blast to get them, but the heat melted the fissionables down to critical mass.

Claire always knew what to do when his temper started climbing to critical mass.

If only they had a tube of some sort that would withstand the chemical explosion—the one that brought the critical mass together!

First, two or more pieces of plutonium large enough to form a critical mass.

Finally, at perhaps a hundred thousand times critical mass, and still in perfect sync, the Vangs all went off.


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