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Last week I wrote about my affection for Knoke, so you can guess who I was rooting for as the hourlong episode reached its zenith.

On the back of Kerry’s climate diplomacy, Obama and Xi feted each other a year later at a state dinner in Washington—perhaps the zenith of relations between the two countries in recent years.

From Time

Who was the most erotic poet of the late Renaissance and early Baroque, when the quatrain reached its courtly zenith?

This reached its zenith when he and Jon Stewart held their Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear in 2010.

In his own mind he is at the zenith of his life, a man in full.

The major labor unions - then at the zenith of their political power - disliked Johnson.

In 1986, at the zenith of her strength, that figure was reduced to 1.9 million.

The sky was alight from zenith to horizon, the Nile aflame with sunrise, by the time the letter was written.

The leathered Diapason, indeed, is now attaining a zenith of popularity both in England and America.

Coloured shafts mapped the vault from horizon to zenith like the spokes of a prodigious wheel of fire.

The sun, a ball of fiery brass, burned directly in the zenith, so that the shadow of the foliage lay like a carpet about her feet.

How did it fare with the poor all over Europe in the centuries when Christianity was at the zenith of its power?


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