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noun as in point around which something revolves

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Like Copernicus’ heliocentric model of the solar system, sometimes revolutions occur by a simple shift in the axis of rotation.

The neuro-endocrine signals involved form the HPA axis, short for hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal.

It didn’t cover the entire major axis, because when it got too close to the endpoints, there was only a single point of tangency.

Al-Battani Island’s major axis was 3 miles long, while its minor axis was 2 miles long.

Al-Battani Island’s major axis is 3 miles long, while its minor axis is 2 miles long.

This could shift global media decision-making from its familiar New York-Los Angeles axis to the Bay Area.

Six years later, after one more dance with FDR, Kansans returned to their normal political axis.

For Reagan the “evil empire” was the Soviet Union; for George W. Bush, there was an “axis of Evil.”

The HPA axis is a circuit between your brain, your hormone glands, and the rest of your body.

Seasons on Earth and Titan are both due to the tilt of their axis—the way the North Pole faces—relative to their orbit.

The long axis of the hip-roof crystal is often so shortened that it resembles the envelop crystal of calcium oxalate.

Cassini observed, by the position of certain spots, the revolution of the planet Venus on its axis.

The same would be the case if the polar axis of one sphere stood precisely at right angles to that of the other.

Thus the wide habitability of the earth is an effect arising from the inclination of its polar axis.

On this account the suggested alterations of the axis should not be taken as other than imaginary changes.


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