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In 2020, the trajectory of e-commerce is on an even steeper upward curve.

The city’s current deputy mayor for public safety, Susan Lee, says the improved trajectory could be attributed partly to Eddie Johnson, the police superintendent installed by then-Mayor Rahm Emanuel in April 2016.

Governments and businesses must move toward a new form of inclusiveness with built-in trajectory and compensation mechanisms for those who today benefit the least.

With high brand recognition, positive user signals, solid site performance and consistent quality management, the website visibility was good and on an upwards trajectory.

That’s also the trajectory of Google and its local business profiles.

Prior to the pandemic, the percentage of CPG purchases made online versus at brick-and-mortar stores was already at 11% and on a growth trajectory.

For one, GWAS often finds dozens of single DNA letter changes, none powerful enough to change the trajectory of aging by itself.

As light from those galaxies streams through the universe, its trajectory is bent by massive objects, a phenomenon called gravitational lensing.

If SpaceX and Loon continue on their current trajectories, it will only be a matter of time—and not all that much of it—before we’re living in a planet-wide internet bubble.

Experts warn that in South Asia, the pandemic is likely to develop along a trajectory similar to that seen in other affected nations.

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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.