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When that wind hits our planet's magnetic shield, it’s attracted to the poles, which excites the gases in our atmosphere.

The sun rotates faster at its equator than at its poles, and since it’s not a solid sphere, its magnetic field constantly roils and swirls around.

I also remember seeing teams of people walking the streets at all hours wiping down poles and cleaning public benches.

Most of the time, the poles stay relatively in the same place, but when they go for a large wander away from their normal spot, it’s called an excursion.

They further suggest that, as the Earth continues to warm from rising levels of greenhouse gases, this process could be a major new mechanism for accelerating the loss of sea ice at the poles — one that no global climate model currently incorporates.

Occasionally a pamphlet for a salsa class might be tossed on a doorstop or stuck on a pole near a bus stop.

World GDP (including North Pole toyshop gross output) is $84.97 trillion.

It seems to me that both sides need to move toward the “staying connected” pole.

Both political parties, and the President, have moved too close to the “standing alone” pole.

“The street pole that tells a wonderful story,” Maria told the assemblage.

Knowing by experience that he would soon be up to it, he used his pole with all his might, hoping to steer clear of it.

Edmund de la Pole, earl of Suffolk, on account of his near relationship to the house of York, beheaded.

Then, having shot nothing that day, he turned towards the Pole with a feeling of disappointment.

Truly it was a most enjoyable season and experience, but there is no joy without its alley here below—not even at the North Pole!

The French navigator, De Pages, passed the 81st degree of north latitude, in an attempt to reach the pole.


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