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adjective as in nullifying

noun as in relief

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Example Sentences

For years, talk of technological solutions to directly counteract global warming, known as geoengineering, were taboo among climate scientists.

That’s obviously enough to counteract the minus-1 in the turnover department.

The Bucks’ bet has been that having those two players help so aggressively results in the near-excision of at-rim attempts from the opponent’s shot diet, counteracting Milwaukee’s willingness to let opponents launch away from beyond the arc.

Obfuscation is no substitute for an organized and energetic movement, backed by the force of law, to counteract the surveillance advertising that governs so much of the internet.

Keep in mind that this trick will help you counteract the kind of dryness usually associated with cold weather and regular washing, but will not help you if you have a skin condition.

He is a great lover of books and gardening—two antithetical hobbies—which are charming in themselves, and healthily counteractive.

But, along with so many incentives to excess, were there no counteractive agencies at work?

The counteractive of a false spiritualism is found in the incarnate life of the Son of God.

She began the winter with all such counteractive measures as she could employ.

No counteractive effect to this prepossession was to be found in contemporary opinion in Europe.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for counteractive?

Describing something as counteractive means that it counteracts—it acts against or in opposition to something else.

This usually means that it has an offsetting or neutralizing effect—that it cancels out the effect of something else.

Something that’s counteractive could also be described as counterbalancing, meaning it balances out another thing—restores things to their original status or position.

Sometimes, describing something as counteractive means that it serves as a check on something else. A similar word is preventative.

Synonyms for counteractive that imply a fix are corrective, remedial, and rectifying.

The noun form of counteract is counteraction.

What is the difference between counteractive vs. counterproductive?

Counterproductive is used to describe something that acts against the intended goal. Counteractive is less specific—it can describe anything that acts in opposition to something else, including in ways that balance it, cancel it out, fix it, or prevent it. Counterproductive is always negative, but counteractive may be neutral or even positive.

Counteractive is much less commonly used. It’s more common to use the verb form counteract.

How do you use counteractive in a sentence?

Counteractive can be used in a variety of contexts.

Here are some examples of counteractive in a sentence:

  • We need to implement counteractive measures to offset the losses. 
  • The medicine is counteractive—it should have a neutralizing effect. 
  • A see-saw works because every motion is counteractive. 

On this page you'll find 15 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to counteractive, such as: checking, countering, counterproductive, counter to, interfering, and opposite.

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