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noun as in grotesque horrible monster

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Some consider my 2015 paper in this light, although after consultation with the NIH and the journal, we purposely did not provide the genetic sequence of the chimera in the original publication.

The resulting chimera would demonstrate whether the spike of SHC014 would attach to human cells.

For years, scientists have flirted with ethical boundaries by mixing human cells with those of rats and pigs, which are relatively far from us in evolutionary terms, to reduce the chance of a mentally “humanized” chimera.

While both review boards of those universities approved the consent and the study, it’s not clear if the consent included specific mention of the chimera research.

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In a ground-breaking experiment, researchers have successfully created the first human-monkey chimera.

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In the Iliad, a Chimera is a grotesque animal jumble, “lion-fronted and snake behind, a goat in the middle.”

Of course, the happy chimera still holds as a liberal canonical truth.

In the autumn 1944 issue of the journal Chimera: A Literary Quarterly, Barzun published “In Memoriam: R.H.P., 1907-1944.”

After the war, Chimera was edited by poet Barbara Howes and Ximena de Angulo.

The cinematic chimera was inspired by a traumatizing breakup suffered by Glodell.

Was it for some grandiose, impossible chimera, that he had taken men from quiet useful lives and the simple round of kindliness?

"With all the ills the flesh is heir to," true health is a chimera, an existing state unknown to man.

The Chimera was a fire-breathing monster, with the head of a lion, the tail of a dragon, and the body of a goat.

This chimera was still dear to the hearts of scientific men.

And, if you would pursue this chimera, it is not in a democracy that you are likely to surprise it.


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