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It takes us as finite beings and gives us almost infinite capacity to create new worlds of imagination.

The process of decolonizing one’s imagination is the first step to envisioning a future where pleasures are more evenly distributed than was the case in our past.

Now, with a little imagination, there are days where I can embrace it as a New Age-y sweat-based regimen among the skittering rodents.

People, he says, are too limited by their own experience and imaginations.

From Fortune

They have little imagination about how to engage in social change, and even less imagination about the alternative world they would build if they could.

From Fortune

Does each character have one in real life that inspired it, or are they from your imagination?

She found instead a show of imagination, artistry, and above all, really happy people—and she quickly fell in love.

This little nook is the perfect spot for some quiet reading time or to let your imagination run wild.

So after that initial inspiration, my imagination created the rest.

Today, Turkey in the German imagination has mostly to do with immigration, assimilation, and EU membership.

Distance, the uncertain light, and imagination, magnified it to a high wall; high as the wall of China.

I could have sworn I heard a cry, and one of my men spoke in a tone that assured me my imagination had not been playing a trick.

It was when the face and figure of a great tragedian began to haunt her imagination and stir her senses.

How much of the imagination, how much of the intellect, evaporates and is lost while we seek to embody it in words!

When she heard it there came before her imagination the figure of a man standing beside a desolate rock on the seashore.


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