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[ kree-ey-shuhn ]SEE DEFINITION OF creations
  • noundevelopment of entity
  • nounall living things
  • nouninvention, concoction

Synonyms for creations

  • establishment
  • formation
  • formulation
  • production
  • conception
  • constitution
  • foundation
  • generation
  • genesis
  • imagination
  • inception
  • institution
  • making
  • nascency
  • nativity
  • origination
  • procreation
  • laying down
  • setting up
  • siring

Antonyms for creations

  • being
  • conclusion
  • end
  • finish
  • death
  • destruction
  • ruin
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


It was at that period you told me all that nonsense about your fondness for your creations.

The imitative artist will be in a brilliant state of intelligence about his own creations?

She asked Jed questions concerning the "whale fish" and others of his creations.

These are the creations of the note-book, but it has given them no permanence.

Of all the creations of man she is the closest partner of his toil and courage.

We found here everything so different from the creations of our fancy.

Are not these—all of them—your work, the creations of your fancy?

This is one of his creations, the most ingenious, though a failure.

The folkways, therefore, are not creations of human purpose and wit.

Feel as they do, and you must create as they do, or at least appreciate their creations.


late 14c., "action of creating, a created thing," from Old French creacion (14c., Modern French création) "creation, coming into being," from Latin creationem (nominative creatio) "a creating, a producing," in classical use "an electing, appointment, choice," noun of action from past participle stem of creare (see create). Meaning "that which God has created, the world and all in it" is from 1610s. The native word in the Biblical sense was Old English frum-sceaft. Of fashion costumes, desserts, etc., from 1870s, from French. Creation science is attested by 1970.