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For all our futuristic reveries, the city of tomorrow probably will not look much different from Rocinha.

Close to 40 years later, she is still transforming imaginative reveries into dazzling works of fiction and distilling her ideas into essays both inventive and ingenious.

His words inspire my own celestial reveries, my mind flying through time and space.

When you notice that the mind has drifted into thought, reverie, and so forth, bring it back to awareness of the present moment, to the observation of what is dominant in that moment.

The show, which spotlights 15 artists from across the country, is packed with meticulously etched whimsies and reveries, mostly based on the natural world.

The whole town was in a drunken reverie, singing and dancing to brass bands with the tribal beat of the Basques.

When asked what dessert was like, Goldblum simply pauses, wide-eyed, in reverie.

Often the reverie rolled on deep into the night, an unflagging, unredundant product of the raconteurial mind.

Now shaken from his reverie, stunned, Paterno walked over to the golf cart and crouched and shook the hand of the champ.

My reverie is quickly interrupted: As I stuff the python into the bag, it spews out a variety of secretions.

She poured out some chocolate, took it hurriedly, and quitted the room, leaving her husband in a disheartening reverie.

Miss Winter looked at Etheldred reprovingly, and she shrank into herself, drew apart, and indulged in a reverie.

He seemed to have abandoned himself to a reverie, and to be seeing pleasing visions in the amber bead.

There was a silence of nearly ten minutes, until Isabel, suddenly removing her coat, brought Gwynne out of his reverie.

Tessas reverie was ended by Mr. Hammertons quick step upon the planks.


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