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There was little deliberation on imposing this blacklist of China’s most important technology company, very little consultation with the industry that sells a lot of goods to Huawei.

Its leaders also sat in on a lobbying group’s deliberations about attack ads against Brown during her 2018 bid for reelection.

Ahead of the upcoming deliberation, Jesse Marx revisits the timeline of events to show how the city’s smart streetlights went from an energy-saving program that captured data on the environment and transportation to a tool of law enforcement.

Kyra Greene, executive director for the Center on Policy Initiatives, which sponsors the Community Budget Alliance, said reallocating police spending has been part of internal deliberations prior to its first appearance as a budget priority.

Here, then, is the position of Mr. Lincoln set forth with deliberation and care.

Jake smiled quaintly as he fingered the coin with deliberation.

Arthur Van Dusen when he acted, moved with deliberation as well as speed.

When the Cock CrowsWaldron Baily

It meant a flutter of raiment, a deliberation of readjustment, a kind of superb, massive dislocation.

The food must be thoroughly cooked, eaten slowly, and masticated with care and deliberation.

He made it a rule to answer every letter received by him on the same day, except where inquiry and deliberation were requisite.

Self-HelpSamuel Smiles

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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.