Antonyms for cancer

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You have cured me of a cancer that four other cancer doctors told me I never could be cured of.

Even if there were a cancer cure that is only a part of the problem.

In 1857 he was attacked by cancer, and died peaceably on the 5th of September of that year.

Let him say what he likes when Conrad talks about cancer, he knows Death's hand is over him.

Diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer of the stomach, tumor of the brain.

The cancer of autocracy is eating into the vitals of Austria.

The physician then informed him of the many men and women who have died of cancer.

Aëtius differentiates phagedenic and rodent ulcers and cancer.

With regard to cancer, he quotes from Archigenes and Leonides.

For instance, in his discussion of cancer he says that there are two forms of the affection.