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Levitt finds out what makes Romer a serial “quitter,” why you can’t manufacture big ideas, and what happened when Romer tried to start a charter city.

Coming a little ahead of today’s sustainability movement, its big idea was to tell the story of where the clothes came from and how they were made.

From Fortune

After all, a big idea that can’t be turned into reality will remain a dream.

His big idea is to grow the US population to that eye-popping number, a 200% increase, by encouraging massive new waves of immigration and child-bearing.

From Quartz

Prior to the pandemic, people could glob onto someone else’s idea in a meeting or pretend to contribute to a project by pontificating big ideas without contributing meaningful work.

From Digiday

This is my big idea in How Sex Became a Civil Liberty: We made it up.

The big idea is that geography explains why the West rules the world—and why its domination may not last much longer.

Every big idea he has is a liberal idea that drowns us in debt.

President Obama's big idea is that government investment will trigger demand for skilled American labor.

Remember when the big idea in Obamaland was to run against the do-nothing Congress?

He talks nonsense some of the time, but occasionally he knocks me down with a big idea—or his way of putting a big idea.

"I say, Maggie, what was the big idea in keeping us—" he was beginning in a grumbling tone, when he saw Larry just beyond her.

The big idea was, of course, that where gold is found the white man comes along, and the Indian he has to move.

He always did that when he was thinking hard, and now that the "big idea" had come to him he was thinking harder than ever.

The big idea now is to get Ivan Nikolsk to a good Russian hospital, and get him there fast.


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