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Such microbial arks might be able to drift among planets, spreading life through the universe, a concept known as panspermia.

This concept of viral dose being related to disease severity has been around for almost a century.

Covid-19 has changed our concept of the office so drastically that if and when we do return, it might be to a workplace that’s changed forever.

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Google originally announced the concept of nofollow links in 2005 to fight comment spam.

As a proof-of-concept, the team first engineered DNA strands that self-folded into the shape of a 20-sided die, also called an icosahedron.

It treats touchscreens and TV programs as just one more way to introduce toddlers to animals, colors, and other concepts.

We cannot qualify it based on ideological notions or concepts important only at one time in history.

I could bring concepts to her and have them considered on their merits.

Can the concepts of different religions co-exist within an ever-expanding global population?

It requires learning to think with contexts and concepts, deploying cooperation and creativity.

His instruments and his mind would interpret by the old gradations and scales and concepts.

At first that evidence might present a pattern of utter nonsense and contradiction with known thought patterns and concepts.

To my mind neither Davis nor Burt added to or fundamentally changed the basic concepts as set forth in 1922 by Grinnell.

The conversion of sense experience into immaterial concepts is accomplished through the aid of the Active Intellect.

These three concepts our reason discovers with one act of its thinking effort, for they are all involved in the concept, Maker.


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