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adjective as in mild, especially describing weather

adjective as in advantageous

adjective as in not cancerous

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Example Sentences

It is possible that life may have gained a foothold, given the evidence that the planet once had a much more benign environment.

My two personal oncology physicians were the ones who advised a conservative strategy of monitoring those nodules in my neck, which could prove to be benign.

From Fortune

As the election approaches, the building trend of employee activism against employers seems to be taking a benign turn—but don’t imagine that America’s employers and workers are now united in peace and love.

From Fortune

These other ingredients, which are combined with the therapeutic one, are often sourced from around the world before landing in your medicine cabinet and are not always benign.

Sometimes doctors inject patients with benign chemicals that enhance the contrast visible in the image.

From Fortune

I always saw the horrific side of this seemingly benign environment.

Unstoppable or not, John H has seen little in his 38 years to persuade him progress is benign.

It is not some benign magical sleep as shown on TV, where people wake up a year later and are instantly back to normal.

Eric lobbies for an industry of benign usefulness, non-partisan in nature, and over which no cloud of serious controversy looms.

To use a relatively benign example, they are to the Pentagon what Silicon Valley startups were to Eastman Kodak.

Benign respdit pater ipse Membertou neophytos se esse, verum imperarem; in mea potestate esse omnia.

Ab eo igitur tpore Patres nostros perhumaniter habuit, atque honorific in omnibus, mensque benign accepit.

He surveyed the crowd in the court-room with calm indifference, and seldom glanced at the gray-bearded, benign-looking judge.

"No passion, Colombaik," put in the benign Joan, again interrupting the impetuous young man.

He looked very benign as he quoted these verses in the pulpit on Sunday morning, with a half smile, as of pleased meditation.


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