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Later in life Darwin seems to have relinquished any notion that the theory of natural selection might redeem death and suffering, and thus vindicate a benevolent God.

This mindset began to erode over the course of the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s—first, when massive waves of layoffs and benefit cuts destabilized the myth of the benevolent parent company.

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Whether this coalition of strangers—one whose intentions were undoubtedly benevolent—knew better than anyone in Spears’ inner circle what was best for her remained an open question.

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In his telling, that generation came to politics skeptical but hopeful, only to find themselves confronted with a disastrous war, vicious polarization at home and the end of any hope for benevolent American hegemony.

Rodrigo has been at the center of that mostly benevolent storm this year.

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They are often characterized as benevolent and admirable; when we do the same, we are angry and unreasonable.

Once in power, they often hired gifted artists to portray them in flattering and benevolent poses.

Help with onerous conditions is not help so much as benevolent coercion.

If you have a great person in charge then a benevolent dictator is wonderful.

Or, they may be less benevolent, as Dray believes Gorelik was.

He was learned, benevolent and pious, and author of several religious works.

His ambition is a purely selfish one, while mine is distinctly benevolent.

The bed threw a shadow on them both, but she could see his benevolent face, anxious and yet reassuring, rather clearly.

The Railway Benevolent Institution provided a rallying point.

Generally persons who associate for charitable or benevolent purposes do not regard themselves in a legal sense as partners.


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