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vision is a synonym of dream

noun [ vizh-uhn ]

vision is another word for dream

✅  Dream refers to a sequence of mental images that happen during sleep, usually with some sort of story—even if that story only makes sense in the dream (I had a bad dream last night).

✅  Vision refers to a similar sequence of images that is unusually clear and coherent, and usually seems supernaturally significant (He had a vision of himself defeating a dragon).

✅  Vision can imply the imaging of something that will happen in the future (I had a vision of your future marriage), and happens when awake.

✅  Dream and vision can both refer to hopes for the future (a dream of a successful career; a vision for the company’s future).

Write a paragraph describing a fortune teller’s important vision, with the help of Grammar Coach.

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faithful is a synonym of loyal

adjective [ feyth-fuhl ]

faithful is another word for loyal

✅  Loyal is the best word to describe steady and devoted allegiance to a person or cause (a loyal friend; a loyal follower).

✅  Faithful is the best word to describe steadfast loyalty to someone or something that you’re bound to because of a pledge, duty, or obligation (a faithful employee; She was a faithful and supportive friend).

✅  The meaning of these words overlap substantially. However, loyal often emphasizes unswerving, dedicated allegiance, whereas faithful emphasizes a longstanding and especially devoted loyalty, often one that involves feelings of care or friendship.

✅  Loyal and faithful can also be used in the context of a romantic relationship, where they both describe a partner who wouldn’t betray the presumed obligations of the relationship (a faithful partner; I’ve always been loyal to him).

Use faithful in a paragraph describing a friend with the help of Grammar Coach.

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aged is a synonym of old

adjective [ ey-jid ]

aged is another word for old

✅  Old describes someone or something that is far along in their lifespan (an old tree).

✅  Aged describes someone or something old, which is also showing signs of that advanced age (an aged map).

✅  Old and aged have very similar meanings, with old being more general (an old cat; an old movie; an aged painting).

✅  Aged is used more in literary contexts to emphasize the age of the person or thing (the aged mariner) and is pronounced with two syllables when used this way.

Try using aged in a paragraph describing something particularly old with the help of Grammar Coach.

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