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aged is a synonym of old

adjective [ ey-jid ]

aged is another word for old

✅  Old describes someone or something that is far along in their lifespan (an old tree).

✅  Aged describes someone or something old, which is also showing signs of that advanced age (an aged map).

✅  Old and aged have very similar meanings, with old being more general (an old cat; an old movie; an aged painting).

✅  Aged is used more in literary contexts to emphasize the age of the person or thing (the aged mariner) and is pronounced with two syllables when used this way.

Try using aged in a paragraph describing something particularly old with the help of Grammar Coach.

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witness is a synonym of observe

verb [ wit-nis ]

witness is another word for observe

✅  Observe refers to watching something carefully, in an attentive, dedicated, and considering way (observe the movement of the clouds).

✅  Witness refers to being present for something but also observing something well enough to be able to explain or describe what happened as evidence or testimony (witness an incident).

✅  Observe and witness both refer to being very aware of and focused on what you see or hear. Witness carries a slightly more formal or official connotation, whereas observe generally just means to watch carefully (observe his behavior; witness the events).

Try using witness in a paragraph describing an important event with the help of Grammar Coach.

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contentment is a synonym of happiness

noun [ kuhn-tent-muhnt ]

contentment is another word for happiness

✅  Happiness is the perfect word to use to refer to a feeling of pleasure, especially when there are things that make you feel good (I was filled with happiness at the news; a life of happiness).

✅  Contentment refers to a different kind of pleasurable or good feeling, where you feel at peace and comfortable with your situation (contentment in the position; full of contentment).

✅  Contentment emphasizes comfort, peace and satisfaction, while happiness emphasizes delight and joy.

✅  Contentment implies that even though you may not be completely happy with everything, you don’t want to change anything (The cat was the picture of contentment).

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