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contentment is a synonym of happiness

noun [ kuhn-tent-muhnt ]

contentment is another word for happiness

✅  Happiness is the perfect word to use to refer to a feeling of pleasure, especially when there are things that make you feel good (I was filled with happiness at the news; a life of happiness).

✅  Contentment refers to a different kind of pleasurable or good feeling, where you feel at peace and comfortable with your situation (contentment in the position; full of contentment).

✅  Contentment emphasizes comfort, peace and satisfaction, while happiness emphasizes delight and joy.

✅  Contentment implies that even though you may not be completely happy with everything, you don’t want to change anything (The cat was the picture of contentment).

It would cause us so much happiness if you took a look at these synonyms for contentment!

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uncanny is a synonym of eerie

adjective [ uhn-kan-ee ]

uncanny is another word for eerie

✅  Eerie is the best word to describe something strange or spooky, especially when it makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy (There was an eerie silence).

✅  Uncanny is the best word to describe something weird that seems to break the ‘rules’ of the given situation, often by doing something it shouldn’t be able to do (She had an uncanny ability to know where I was at all times).

✅  Eerie usually suggests something inexplainable, especially something that makes you feel inexplicably afraid (an eerie glow). Uncanny usually suggests something that is so unusual or strange that it seems supernatural (The resemblance was uncanny).

✅  Eerie is most often used to describe places and atmospheres, while uncanny can be used more generally (It felt eerie in the empty house; The dog moved with uncanny speed).

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property is a synonym of quality

noun [ prop-er-tee ]

property is another word for quality

✅  Quality is the best word to use to refer to a characteristic that shapes someone or something’s nature or behavior (The painting had a luminous quality).

✅  Quality can apply to people and to things (the qualities of a precious gemstone; a courageous quality), and can be innate or acquired.

✅  Property refers to essential characteristics that are only found in the constitution or behavior of things (the chemical properties of alcohol; the beneficial properties of vitamins).

✅  Due to the more limited meaning of property, a thing will have a set number, while the number of qualities of a thing or person tends to be immeasurable.

Each of these synonyms for property has different qualities!

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