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property is a synonym of quality

noun [ prop-er-tee ]

property is another word for quality

✅  Quality is the best word to use to refer to a characteristic that shapes someone or something’s nature or behavior (The painting had a luminous quality).

✅  Quality can apply to people and to things (the qualities of a precious gemstone; a courageous quality), and can be innate or acquired.

✅  Property refers to essential characteristics that are only found in the constitution or behavior of things (the chemical properties of alcohol; the beneficial properties of vitamins).

✅  Due to the more limited meaning of property, a thing will have a set number, while the number of qualities of a thing or person tends to be immeasurable.

Each of these synonyms for property has different qualities!

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valiant is a synonym of brave

adjective [ val-yuhnt ]

valiant is another word for brave

✅  Brave is the perfect word to describe someone who shows courage in the face of threat (brave first-responders).

✅  Valiant also describes courage in the face of threat, but coupled with deeds of extreme strength or endurance because or as part of that courage (It was a valiant effort to pull him from the icy water).

✅  Someone who is valiant can also be described as brave, and the two words can be used synonymously (brave souls; a valiant warrior).

✅  However, valiant emphasizes difficult and dangerous deeds, especially when they benefit someone other than yourself (He was remembered as a valiant defender of the weak).

Are you brave enough to check out these synonyms for valiant?

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tender is a synonym of offer

verb [ ten-der ]

tender is another word for offer

✅  Offer means to present something so that it can be accepted or rejected (She offered to help).

✅  Tender used to be used in a similar way, but isn’t anymore. Nowadays it’s the perfect word for making a formal proposal or presenting something formally (tender your resignation).

✅  Offer is a general term that can be used in a variety of circumstances (offer a cup of tea; offer assistance in a crisis), while tender is limited in the present day to resigning from a job or bidding for a contract.

Let us offer you these synonyms for tender!

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