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tender is a synonym of offer

verb [ ten-der ]

tender is another word for offer

✅  Offer means to present something so that it can be accepted or rejected (She offered to help).

✅  Tender used to be used in a similar way, but isn’t anymore. Nowadays it’s the perfect word for making a formal proposal or presenting something formally (tender your resignation).

✅  Offer is a general term that can be used in a variety of circumstances (offer a cup of tea; offer assistance in a crisis), while tender is limited in the present day to resigning from a job or bidding for a contract.

Let us offer you these synonyms for tender!

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predominant is a synonym of dominant

adjective [ pri-dom-uh-nuhnt ]

predominant is another word for dominant

✅  Dominant best describes something that is most important or most influential (the dominant market; the dominant defensive player).

✅  Predominant best describes something that is widely prevalent or dominant over all others (Courage is my predominant trait; the predominant focus of research on illness and not prevention).

✅  Dominant and predominant can both mean main or major, and they can also both describe something or someone that has authority or power over others (a predominant flavor of garlic; a dominant leader).

With the help of Grammar Coach, try using predominant to describe your most important trait.

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acknowledge is a synonym of confess

verb [ ak-nol-ij ]

acknowledge is another word for confess

✅  Acknowledge and confess both mean to admit that you’ve done something wrong.

✅  Confess is the best verb for a formal or semi-formal admission of wrongdoing (to confess your sins).

✅  Acknowledge implies reluctance in the statement of wrongdoing or of something previously denied (I acknowledge that my behavior was wrong; She acknowledged that she had broken the cup).

✅  Acknowledge usually suggests fault for things that, while possibly wrong, aren’t criminal (acknowledge a gap in your understanding). Confess can be used for crimes (confess to a robbery), as well as other wrongdoings, faults, or shortcomings that can imply embarrassment (He confessed that he had been eavesdropping).

With the help of Grammar Coach, use acknowledge in a paragraph about a time you were at fault.

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