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exertion is a synonym of effort

noun [ ig-zur-shuhn ]

exertion is another word for effort

✅  Effort is the best word to refer to the energy used in the pursuit of a goal (I put a lot of effort into my studies).

✅  Exertion refers to the energy used in strenuous activity, often without mention of a goal or given end (He was exhausted from the exertion).

✅  Effort is the more general term, but can refer to doing something that requires the vigorous energy of exertion when intensified with an adjective like massive or enormous (It took enormous effort to finish the climb).

It won’t take much effort to take a look at these synonyms for exertion!

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content is a synonym of satisfy

verb [ kuhn-tent ]

content is another word for satisfy

✅  Satisfy refers to completely fulfilling your wants or desires (The food satisfied her).

✅  Content refers to fulfilling your desires just enough so that you don’t feel the need to complain (The softness of the pillow contented him).

✅  Satisfy suggests greater happiness and gratification as an outcome than content (Their responses satisfied the interviewer, who had no further questions).

✅  Content can also be used as an instruction, essentially meaning to try and be happy with what you have (Content yourself with a light lunch).

Satisfy your desire to learn with these synonyms for content.

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reverse is a synonym of opposite

adjective [ ri-vurs ]

reverse is another word for opposite

✅  Opposite is the best word to describe two things which are contrary or different, often in placement or character (the opposite side of the room; They reached opposite conclusions).

✅  Reverse is the best word to describe something that starts in one direction or position, and then faces or moves in the opposite direction (reverse course; reverse trend).

✅  Opposite and reverse are sometimes used interchangeably when describing something with two sides (the opposite side of the coin; the reverse side of the paper).

✅  Reverse and opposite are also sometimes used interchangeably to describe opposing statements (the opposite is also true; I think it’s the reverse of what you said).

Do the opposite of what we’re about to say: ignore these synonyms for reverse!

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