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depict is a synonym of sketch

verb [ dih-pikt ]

depict is another word for sketch

✅  Sketch refers to drawing only the outline or key features of something (They sketched a quick portrait).

✅  Depict refers to representing something in a lot of detail (He accurately depicted a snowy scene).

✅  Although either can mean to represent something in art or in words, depict usually suggests the written word (The book depicted the last years of the king’s reign), while sketch is used more broadly (He sketched out his plans over dinner).

Now that we’ve sketched the differences, look at these synonyms for depict!

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execute is a synonym of perform

verb [ ek-si-kyoot ]

execute is another word for perform

✅  Perform is the best word to refer to completing a course of action, especially one needing prolonged, regular, or methodical work (to perform your duties well).

✅  Perform is a more general word than execute, often used as a more formal word for do (to perform acts of heroism).

✅  Execute is the best word to refer to carrying out an order, plan, or program (She trusted me to execute the mission).

✅  Execute is often used in computer technology meaning to run a program (The processor executed the code in the segment).

Try executing a plan to look at these synonyms!

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towering is a synonym of tall

adjective [ tou-er-ing ]

towering is another word for tall

✅  Tall is the best word when something is either a lot higher than it is wide or of more than average height (a tall vase).

✅  Towering is the best word to describe something that is much taller than the things around it, even if they are also tall (a towering tree).

✅  Tall is mostly an objective characteristic, whereas towering is usually about the relationship between something and its surroundings (The towering rock wall that scared her as a child seemed small and insignificant when she was an adult).

✅  Towering often implies that something is intimidating or scary (He was a towering figure in the magazine industry).

Describe something you have seen that is towering with the help of Grammar Coach.

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