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towering is a synonym of tall

adjective [ tou-er-ing ]

towering is another word for tall

✅  Tall is the best word when something is either a lot higher than it is wide or of more than average height (a tall vase).

✅  Towering is the best word to describe something that is much taller than the things around it, even if they are also tall (a towering tree).

✅  Tall is mostly an objective characteristic, whereas towering is usually about the relationship between something and its surroundings (The towering rock wall that scared her as a child seemed small and insignificant when she was an adult).

✅  Towering often implies that something is intimidating or scary (He was a towering figure in the magazine industry).

Describe something you have seen that is towering with the help of Grammar Coach.

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frustrate is a synonym of baffle

verb [ fruhs-treyt ]

frustrate is another word for baffle

✅  Baffle and frustrate both refer to stopping someone’s progress or efforts.

✅  Baffle suggests preventing someone from accomplishing a purpose by confusing or perplexing them (The clue baffled them so much that they couldn’t solve the case).

✅  Frustrate is best when an outside force causes all efforts or attempts to be ineffectual and nothing ever comes from them (His lack of cooperation frustrated their plans).

✅  It can be a person who frustrates or baffles someone’s plans, but it’s more commonly a wider system, often a bureaucratic one, such as the legal system or local government (The plan for a new swimming pool was frustrated by building regulations).

Write about a plan that was frustrated with the help of Grammar Coach.

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necessary is a synonym of essential

adjective [ nes-uh-ser-ee ]

necessary is another word for essential

✅  Necessary is the best word to describe something vital for the fulfillment of a need (A working engine is necessary for the car to run).

✅  Essential describes something that is particularly necessary, without which there would be dire consequences (It’s essential to bring water on a camping trip).

✅  Necessary and essential can be used interchangeably, though essential has a stronger meaning.

✅  Both words can also be exaggerated or humorous ways to describe things that aren’t technically life or death, but are important in some way (My morning coffee is essential to my health and the health of those around me).

Try describing something that is necessary to you with the help of Grammar Coach.

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