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universal is a synonym of general

adjective [ yoo-nuh-vur-suhl ]

universal is another word for general

✅  General is the best word to describe something belonging to, or held by a group of people collectively (A general sense of unease).

✅  Universal describes something found everywhere or belonging to everyone without an exception (The film received universal acclaim).

✅  The key difference between these words is that general allows some exceptions, whereas universal doesn’t.

✅  Universal can sometimes be used hyperbolically, as a more intense version of general (Americans have a universal love of peanut butter and jelly).

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through is a synonym of with

preposition [ throo ]

through is another word for with

✅  Through refers to achieving a goal by specific means or as consequence (He lost friends through arrogance). It’s similar to the phrase because of (He lost friends through arrogance). Through can sound more formal than with.

✅  Although both with and through indicate how something gets done, with suggests some sort of instrument or tool (She cut the pizza with scissors).

✅  Through can demonstrate particular agency, or a specific reason or cause (The farm was saved through her efforts).

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intend is a synonym of mean

verb [ in-tend ]

intend is another word for mean

✅  Intend is the best word when you have something in mind that you plan to do (I intend to get donuts after work).

✅  Mean is very similar, but less formal (I mean to speak to him about it later).

✅  You can use intend and mean to refer to a plan you’ve made, or to say that something isn’t in line with your intentions.

✅  Using mean can imply that someone else misunderstood you (I meant to say that Star Trek has merit). Intend can suggest that you’re taking responsibility for the misunderstanding (I didn’t intend to suggest Star Wars was better).

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