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intend is a synonym of mean

verb [ in-tend ]

intend is another word for mean

✅  Intend is the best word when you have something in mind that you plan to do (I intend to get donuts after work).

✅  Mean is very similar, but less formal (I mean to speak to him about it later).

✅  You can use intend and mean to refer to a plan you’ve made, or to say that something isn’t in line with your intentions.

✅  Using mean can imply that someone else misunderstood you (I meant to say that Star Trek has merit). Intend can suggest that you’re taking responsibility for the misunderstanding (I didn’t intend to suggest Star Wars was better).

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sorcery is a synonym of magic

noun [ sawr-suh-ree ]

sorcery is another word for magic

Magic is a general term used to refer to the art of producing illusions by sleight of hand as well as with supernatural powers (He performed magic at the birthday party; Technology sometimes seems like magic).

Sorcery refers specifically to the command over occult forces, especially for evil (She used sorcery to destroy the kingdom).

✅ Sometimes sorcery and magic can refer to any extraordinary or mystical influence (The dessert was so good, it was pure sorcery!).

Sorcery is different from witchcraft, which can also imply evil. Witchcraft generally implies folk magic, whereas sorcery implies great skill and knowledge.

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magnificent is a synonym of superb

adjective [ mag-nif-uh-suhnt ]

magnificent is another word for superb

Superb is the best word to describe something that is particularly excellent or elegant (a superb meal).

Magnificent is the best word to describe something that is particularly grand or beautiful (a magnificent view of the city).

Superb and magnificent are both used to describe things that are very good, and both can be used ironically, or to exaggerate how good something is (The horse was a magnificent animal).

Magnificent can be used with otherwise negative terms to suggest someone or something is a particularly good, entertaining, or delightful example (a magnificent scoundrel).

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