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heighten is a synonym of enhance

verb [ hahyt-n ]

heighten is another word for enhance

Enhance means to increase the desirability of something (The new flowers enhanced the beauty of the garden).

Heighten means to increase the strength, power, or intensity of something, especially intangible things (The artist used texture to heighten the contrast between the dark buildings and the bright landscape beyond).

✅ It’s better to use heighten instead of enhance when capturing an increase of intensity or strength, especially one to do with the senses or emotions (My sense of smell was heightened; There was a heightened sense of tension).

Enhance is often used in photography and similar contexts to mean improving the quality of an image or video. It can also be used for a sensory improvement, especially one made through the aid of technology (We used software to enhance the sound quality).

Enhance your understanding with these synonyms for heighten.

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misgiving is a synonym of apprehension

noun [ mis-giv-ing ]

misgiving is another word for apprehension

Apprehension is the best word for the feeling of nervous anticipation of bad news, misfortune or danger (I opened the letter with apprehension).

Misgiving refers to a sense of uncertainty and suspicion or doubt (I had serious misgivings about the business deal).

Apprehension suggests an element of nervousness that isn’t as present in misgiving (I felt apprehension over the journey). Misgiving implies a sense of doubt that, while often instinctive or subconscious, is based in fact (I had a misgiving about the safety of the route).

Misgiving is usually used in the plural, misgivings (Despite initial misgivings over the decision to leave home, the new community turned out to be welcoming).

We hope you don’t feel any apprehension over these synonyms for misgiving.

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halt is a synonym of stop

verb [ hawlt ]

halt is another word for stop

Stop and halt both mean to cease movement or progress. Halt is the best verb to express a temporary stop in the middle of something, usually caused by a command (Halt! Who goes there?). Stop is a more general word.

Halt can be used to express a sudden stop, often one that, while temporary, is still lengthy (Traffic halted at the intersection).

Halt is usually used of progress, more often but not always physical. Stop can be used for anything coming to an end (I stopped looking at my phone).

Stop having trouble finding the perfect word and take a look at these synonyms for halt!

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