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assent is a synonym of agree

verb [ uh-sent ]

assent is another word for agree

Agree is a general word for coming to a shared decision (We agreed on a course of action).

Assent is more formal and often means to accept a decision without being part of reaching that decision (The governor assented to the representatives’ plan).

Assent is often more passive than agree, implying one has given in to someone else’s decision (My mom assented to hosting the party).

Agree implies a more participatory and mutual decision (It took a long time for us to agree).

We hope you’ll agree to check out these synonyms for assent.

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particular is a synonym of special

adjective [ per-tik-yuh-ler, puh-tik- ]

particular is another word for special

Special is the perfect word to describe something that is treated differently because it’s uncommon (a special event) or stands out (Our first apartment was so special).

Particular is the perfect word to describe something that has been singled out from other similar things for attention (We always sit at a particular table in the restaurant); often what is singled out is something otherwise ordinary (That particular lamp is too tall).

Special indicates that a person or thing stands out on their own merits, whereas particular usually implies that a person or thing is just like its peers, and is being picked out for some other reason.

Try using Grammar Coach to write a paragraph about one particular flower in a garden.

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abhor is a synonym of detest

verb [ ab-hawr ]

abhor is another word for detest

Detest and abhor both mean to have a deep dislike, hatred, or horror of something or someone.

Detest also involves disdain (I detest bucket hats), while abhor describes a strong sense of horror and rejection (I abhor lying).

Detest focuses on the sense of hatred, whereas abhor suggests that the thing offends your morals (He detested bullies; She abhorred needless waste).

Inanimate things and concepts can be said to abhor something, meaning that the thing or action is incredibly unlikely, or even impossible (Nature abhors a vacuum).

It’ll be difficult to detest these superb synonyms for abhor!

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