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attitude is a synonym of position

noun [ at-i-tood, -tyood ]

attitude is another word for position

Attitude and position both frequently refer to opinions.

Attitude refers to a way of approaching a topic (a carefree attitude; an open-minded attitude).

Position implies having a particular opinion on something, especially one that is political in some way (Our position is that the project should go ahead).

Position and attitude sometimes refer to the way you hold your body. Position is more general (a standing position), whereas attitude means holding your body in a pose that expresses a certain emotion or action (a threatening attitude).

It’s our position that everyone should take a look at these synonyms for attitude.

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blunt is a synonym of dull

adjective [ bluhnt ]

blunt is another word for dull

Dull is the perfect adjective for something that has lost its sharpness (a dull knife).

Blunt is the perfect adjective for something that wasn’t sharp to start with (the blunt edge of a spoon).

Blunt can also be used interchangeably with dull to describe things that have lost their sharpness through use (The axe became blunt/dull after chopping firewood).

⚠️ Be careful using these words to describe people, though. Dull is often used to describe people who are boring, but it can also be used to describe people who are judged as being unintelligent. Blunt describes people who have a straightforward or tactless way of speaking.

Show your sharp wit with these synonyms for blunt!

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improve is a synonym of better

verb [ im-proov ]

improve is another word for better

✅  Better and improve both mean to make something more satisfying or more desirable (Better your chances; improve your skills).

✅  Improve is typically used when you’re making something more satisfying by meeting a need (Conditions improved after we got the coffee machine).

✅  Better often means to increase the good qualities that something has. Improve implies a worse starting position than better (better your grades to all A’s; improve your grades from C’s to B’s).

✅  To improve yourself means to seek more education or knowledge, whereas to better yourself refers to getting a higher salary or advancing to a higher social class.

Improve your vocabulary with these synonyms for better.

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