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determine is a synonym of decide

verb [ dih-tur-min ]

determine is another word for decide

✅  Decide is the more general verb. It’s best when making your mind up about something (I decided to get donuts).

✅  Determine is the best word when coming to a conclusion based on evidence or research (I determined the best route to the bakery).

✅  Decide and determine can both be used to describe choosing a course of action (The town determined to provide the necessary services; I decided to go home). In this context, determine, although less frequent, is a stronger word than decide, implying a firm decision.

Decide to improve your vocabulary using these synonyms for determine.

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procedure is a synonym of process

noun [ pruh-see-jer ]

procedure is another word for process

✅  Process is the best word to refer to a series of steps, where each step relies on the previous ones, leading to a specific end result (the legislative process).

✅  Procedure is the best word for a set or formal way of doing something (We have a security procedure).

✅  A procedure can involve a process or processes and is usually a set way of achieving a goal or doing something, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to do that thing (There are many administrative procedures).

✅  Using process implies that the thing has to happen according to those systematic steps, or you won’t get the right end result (the process of making bread).

Streamline your process with these synonyms for procedure.

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expressive is a synonym of meaningful

adjective [ ik-spres-iv ]

expressive is another word for meaningful

✅  Meaningful and expressive both refer to conveying a thought or idea, especially by gestures or looks (meaningful look; expressive gesture).

✅  Expressive describes a look or gesture that clearly and vividly expresses a thought, idea, or opinion (His frown was expressive).

✅  Meaningful describes a look or gesture in which it is clear there is meaning to the parties involved, but an outside observer could only guess at that meaning (They shared a meaningful glance).

✅  Expressive implies that the meaning of the look or gesture is clear and easily understood. Meaningful implies that the meaning is only clear when the parties involved share a secret understanding.

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