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confident is a synonym of certain

adjective [ kon-fi-duhnt ]

confident is another word for certain

✅  Certain and confident can both mean sure that something is true. Certain is the best word to use when you have specific reasons to believe something is true (Their presence makes me certain it will be OK).

✅  Confident is the best word to use when you want to emphasize the strength of your belief and expectation (I’m confident of his success).

✅  Certain and confident are often used interchangeably. However, certain can sometimes be a stronger word than confident because it implies your belief is based on more than a gut feeling (They’re certain she committed the crime).

✅  Being confident in something often means you’re sure it’s good enough, or sure it’ll do well (I’m confident in my students).

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enlarge is a synonym of increase

verb [ en-lahrj ]

enlarge is another word for increase

✅  Increase means to make or become greater in number, size, strength, or quality (Sales increased dramatically). Enlarge means to make or become larger in size, bulk, or range (You can enlarge the image).

✅  Increase and enlarge can both refer to the extent of something becoming greater (His sales region increased; They enlarged the scope of the study).

✅  Increase often implies a change in quantity, while enlarge often implies a change in size (The amount of clients increased; We enlarged the kitchen).

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benefit is a synonym of advantage

noun [ ben-uh-fit ]

benefit is another word for advantage

✅  Advantage is the best word for something that puts you in a better position than the people around you (a political advantage).

✅  Benefit is the best word for something that has a positive impact on your welfare, or on the welfare of a group (environmental benefits; health benefits).

✅  Advantage often implies an element of competition (Our team had the advantage of new equipment). Benefit emphasizes how good and helpful what you’ve received is, regardless of competition (This policy will be a benefit to the community).

✅  Advantage is more appropriate than benefit to refer to something that helps you accomplish a goal (Experience gave me an advantage).

It would be to your advantage to take a look at these synonyms for benefit.

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