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guide is a synonym of lead

verb [ gahyd ]

guide is another word for lead

✅  Guide indicates providing continuous or detailed assistance (She will guide you on how to set up the new television).

✅  Lead indicates providing assistance by going ahead of someone or something, whether literally or figuratively (His demeanor leads me to believe there is a ghost in the house).

✅  Lead and guide are pretty similar. Guide implies that the person or thing assisting you is present or active in helping you (He guided me to the stairs). Lead usually implies that the person is showing you by example rather than actively helping (She leads the class on technique).

✅  When describing inanimate things, the distinction between lead and guide is less important, though guide does imply a slightly higher level of detail (The instructions will guide you step-by-step through the process).

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resolve is a synonym of decide

verb [ ri-zolv ]

resolve is another word for decide

✅  Decide is the best verb to use when you’ve made your mind up about something and want to emphasize a conclusion (I decided to have pizza).

✅  Resolve works best when you need something stronger than decide, and there is firmness in your decision (I resolved to get a new job).

✅  Resolve can also be used to mean to bring something to an end (resolve the conflict).

We hope you’ll decide to take a look at these synonyms for resolve.

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sentiment is a synonym of feeling

noun [ sen-tuh-muhnt ]

sentiment is another word for feeling

✅  Sentiment often refers to a mixture of thought and emotion, especially tender or fond ones (a noble sentiment; the sentiment of gratitude).

✅  Feeling is more general, referring to a subjective point of view or to specific sensations (a gut feeling; feelings of frustration).

⚠️  Be careful—sentiment can also mean opinion, or attitude toward something (public sentiment; consumer sentiment).

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