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training is a synonym of education

noun [ trey-ning ]

training is another word for education

✅  Training is the perfect word to use when a person is being taught how to perform a specific skill or to do a certain job (teacher training).

✅  Education, on the other hand, often implies gaining broad knowledge through instruction and study (a liberal arts education).

✅  Education can also refer to the result of schooling (He received a good education), and you usually wouldn’t use training in that context.

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expedition is a synonym of trip

noun [ ek-spi-dish-uhn ]

expedition is another word for trip

✅  Expedition is the perfect word to refer to a trip made for a specific purpose, often a scientific purpose (research expedition).

✅  Trip is a more general word that can be used in many different contexts, including a lengthy journey (a trip abroad) or an everyday stop (a trip to the grocery store).

✅  Expedition can sometimes be used humorously to describe everyday travel, the humor coming from the suggestion that the trip is difficult or dangerous when it is not (an expedition to the grocery store).

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comportment is a synonym of behavior

noun [ kuhm-pawrt-muhnt, -pohrt- ]

comportment is another word for behavior

✅  Comportment refers to the way someone manages their actions and behavior (gentlemanly comportment).

✅  Behavior more generally refers to actions themselves (inappropriate behavior).

✅  Comportment emphasizes a person’s bearing and manner, and how those influence the way they act and interact (She had the comportment of a monarch).

✅  Comportment is a pretty formal word, so it may sound out of place in informal situations.

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