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concern is a synonym of care

noun [ kuhn-surn ]

concern is another word for care

✅  Care is the best word for capturing general feelings of worry or anxiety about someone or something (You are never free of care for your loved ones).

✅  Concern is the best word when the feeling is more one of anxious interest or solicitude about someone or something specific (She feels concern for her friend going through a tough time).

✅  Concern can imply a less overarching or burdensome feeling than care, or even suggest a more passing or less intense feeling (He expressed his concern about the restaurant closing).

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transform is a synonym of convert

verb [ verb trans-fawrm; noun trans-fawrm ]

transform is another word for convert

✅  Convert and transform both involve changing something into something else. Transform is a more general term (The invention transformed the industry).

✅  Convert specifically means to change something into something else to the degree that the thing now has a different use (convert sunlight into electricity; convert the nursery into a bedroom).

✅  Transform, when used synonymously with convert, emphasizes how dramatic the change is (With the addition of the skylight, the room was completely transformed).

✅  Convert can also mean to change something into a new technological format (convert the images to jpegs).

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secure is a synonym of safe

adjective [ si-kyoor ]

secure is another word for safe

✅  Safe is the best word to use when a person or thing is out of danger (safe haven; They’re safe now).

✅  Secure is often used to emphasize something is protected or firmly established (Her future was secure).

✅  Safe and secure are often used interchangeably. They can also be used together, which intensifies the meaning (He felt safe and secure).

✅  When used in the negative, safe and secure both suggest that something is dangerous (The building wasn’t safe; The rope wasn’t secure).

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