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boorish is a synonym of rude

adjective [ boor-ish ]

boorish is another word for rude

✅  Boorish is the best word to use when describing someone who doesn’t pay attention to other people’s feelings (She had a boorish manner).

✅  Rude is more general, suggesting that someone is impolite or has bad manners (rude behavior).

✅  Boorish often describes a more purposeful rudeness, or even a personality (his boorish cousin).

✅  While rude can describe someone’s general personality, it more often describes someone’s attitude or behavior in an individual social interaction, which may be unintentional (It was a well-intentioned comment, but it sounded rude).

Write a description of a boorish person with the help of Grammar Coach.

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deliberate is a synonym of slow

adjective [ dih-lib-er-it ]

deliberate is another word for slow

✅  Slow is the best word to use when something isn’t going particularly fast (a slow pace). It can describe all kinds of things, and can be used in most circumstances.

✅  Deliberate suggests that something is going slowly because every action or movement is being considered carefully and thoroughly (a deliberate decision).

✅  Something is done in a deliberate way usually because it takes time to be careful or because you want to draw attention to the action (a deliberate motion).

✅  It’s best to use slow to describe the rate something is moving, and deliberate to describe an action done with care, purpose, or thoughtfulness (a deliberate attack; a deliberate effort).

Choose your words carefully with these deliberate synonyms.

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hamper is a synonym of hinder

verb [ ham-per ]

hamper is another word for hinder

✅  Hinder and hamper both mean to limit the progress of something or to try to stop it (hinder the investigation; progress was hampered).

✅  Hinder and hamper also both suggest the same result: slowing down progress. To hinder something is often to delay it (hinder children’s development); to hamper is to make progress difficult (hampered by the weather).

✅  These two words are very similar, but they can have different implications. Hinder might suggest that progress has stopped completely while the delay is dealt with, while hamper may suggest that the action is still going on, just slower or less efficiently (We were hampered by the loss of the map).

Try using hamper in a paragraph about a road trip with the help of Grammar Coach.

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