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veneration is a synonym of respect

noun [ ven-uh-rey-shuhn ]

veneration is another word for respect

✅  Respect is the best word to describe having a good opinion of someone and valuing their input and thoughts (have respect for your teacher).

✅  Veneration is a more intense word than respect, and can suggest religious reverence or admiration (show veneration for your elders). Veneration suggests that you may be so devoted to someone that you’ll do what they say because of that devotion.

✅  Sometimes respect simply means that you need to do what someone says (You must show respect for your leader).

✅  Respect also may mean to abide by something (Treat the rules with respect). But you wouldn’t use veneration in this context.

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criticism is a synonym of review

noun [ krit-uh-siz-uhm ]

criticism is another word for review

✅  Review and criticism both refer to an examination and judgment of something, often published in writing, like in a newspaper, magazine, or blog (book review; film criticism).

✅  Both words can be used in reference to movies or the theater, but when you’re discussing books, review is less formal than criticism. Criticism usually refers to a longer and more in-depth piece of work than review.

✅  Criticism, in this sense, doesn’t suggest that the ultimate judgment will necessarily be bad. It’s critical because it involves deep thinking and exploration of a topic, and often the drawing of independent conclusions.

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raze is a synonym of demolish

verb [ reyz ]

raze is another word for demolish

✅  Demolish often focuses on intentionally destroying something in an organized and non-violent way, so that something else can be built there (They demolished the abandoned house). People usually demolish things, though sometimes something can be demolished by natural forces (The tornado demolished the barn).

✅  Raze suggests something being destroyed so completely that there’s nothing left, and usually implies a violent and sometimes disorganized effort (They razed the village to the ground).

✅  Raze is a more emotionally charged word, suggesting senseless destruction (The town was completely razed by the enemy troops).

✅  Demolish also has an informal, figurative meaning: to defeat an opponent or their arguments (It took him two sentences to demolish their arguments). .

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