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faculty is a synonym of ability

noun [ fak-uhl-tee ]

faculty is another word for ability

✅  Ability and faculty both refer to having the power to do something well. Ability can refer to power that is either innate or learned (She had outstanding athletic ability).

✅  Faculty suggests that the power is innate, and generally applies to a particular action or skill, rather than an entire skillset (He had a faculty for making people comfortable).

✅  The plural form, faculties, refers to the innate, natural capabilities that humans typically have, like being able to remember things and think clearly. This is often used with the word mental (While her musical ability was intact, her mental faculties were declining).

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appear is a synonym of seem

verb [ uh-peer ]

appear is another word for seem

✅  Seem and appear can be used synonymously to refer to an outward aspect that may or may not be true.

✅  Seem is the perfect word to use when the aspect is more likely, or realistic (It seems warm), but also when it requires more evidence to be sure (He seemed nice, but I don’t know him well).

✅  Appear is the perfect word to use when you want to suggest that the aspect is actually false, or an illusion (The room appeared empty because everyone was seated so far apart).

✅  In sum, if something seems to be true, it’s more likely to be true than if it just appears to be true.

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converse is a synonym of talk

verb [ kuhn-vurs ]

converse is another word for talk

✅  Talk and converse both describe speaking out loud in order to communicate. Talk is the most general, and can be used for serious topics (We had to talk about his behavior) or more lighthearted ones (My friends and I talked excitedly about video games).

✅  Converse suggests specifically that you’re exchanging ideas with someone, and often implies that you’re intending to come to a conclusion together (The professors conversed for hours about the new study’s implications).

✅  Converse, along with another synonym commune, can be used humorously in informal settings. The humor comes from using a formal word in informal situations (I must converse with my friends about the latest gossip).

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