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acquire is a synonym of get

verb [ uh-kwahyuhr ]

acquire is another word for get

✅  Get and acquire are both used in the context of gaining possession of something.

✅  Get can be used in most circumstances, and can apply to things that aren’t tangible or physical (I got a promotion), or even things that you don’t actually want (I hope I don’t get a cold).

✅  Acquire often implies that you went to some effort to attain something, and stresses the fact that you’ve now got it (They finally acquired the rights to the music; Through training, I’ve acquired the necessary skills).

✅  While words like buy or purchase specify ways to get something, acquire can obscure how someone got it, sometimes even suggesting that it was stolen without saying so directly (The two brothers suddenly acquired new watches).

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evident is a synonym of obvious

adjective [ ev-i-duhnt ]

evident is another word for obvious

✅  Evident and obvious both describe things that are easy to see or understand.

✅  Obvious is the best word to use when something is completely clear and unquestionable (The answer was obvious), but suggesting that something is obvious can sound arrogant (How can you not see that? It’s obvious!).

✅  Evident is best when something becomes obvious because of certain facts or circumstances. Slightly more formal than obvious, evident is used when there is clear evidence (From the video footage, their innocence was evident).

⚠️  Be careful when you hear someone using evident or obvious, especially if they don’t present any reasoning to support their statements. Assertions like it’s obvious, when it really is not, can be used to confuse or manipulate.

We hope the differences are evident now! Have a look at some other synonyms for obvious!

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solid is a synonym of firm

adjective [ sol-id ]

solid is another word for firm

  Firm is often used to describe substances that have become less soft (Add just enough water to make a firm dough; Pectin allows jellies to set and become firm).

✅  Solid describes substances that can hold their shape without any external force, as well as substances that resist force. It’s a lot easier to slice a firm jelly than it is to slice a solid block of ice.

✅  Solid can also mean that something is not hollow (The table is solid wood) or doesn’t have any particular flaws or weaknesses (Her performance is always solid; His argument was solid).

✅  Firm can be used to describe people, especially their tone and decision-making (Her voice was firm; They remained firm in their decision). In this context, firm carries the material meaning of solid: it suggests that the person can’t be moved, and they can resist the force of you trying to convince them to change their mind.

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