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except is a synonym of but

preposition [ ik-sept ]

except is another word for but

✅  But and except can both suggest something is being excluded (We ate all but one; I answered all the questions except for the last two).

✅  Except often emphasizes the exclusion and draws our attention to the exception even more than but does (We were all excited except Thomas).

✅  When used as a synonym for except, but can sometimes sound archaic or formal. This is especially true when used with the word for (The whole family was there, but for Aunt Ida; But for the rain, it was a perfect day to go on a picnic).

Make sure you’re not leaving anything out with these synonyms for except!

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swift is a synonym of fast

adjective [ swift ]

swift is another word for fast

✅  Swift and fast are both words that describe quick, speedy movement.

✅  Swift can imply that something is happening immediately, or is happening smoothly without any delays. It can also be a more formal, often literary word (the swiftest horse in all the realm).

✅  Fast can also be used to describe wit or intelligence (She has a fast mind). However, it’s most common to use quick in that context.

✅  You wouldn’t normally use swift to describe wit, but it can be used to describe decision-making, or a thought process (The response was swift).

Think fast and look at these synonyms for swift!

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harangue is a synonym of speech

noun [ huh-rang ]

harangue is another word for speech

✅  A speech and a harangue are both words that describe someone talking to an audience. However, you don’t want to mix them up.

✅  A speech is any kind of address given to an audience by a speaker (My sister gave a speech at my wedding), and it can be any length or tone.

✅  On the other hand, a harangue is usually a long and intense verbal attack (The harangue was vulgar and intimidating, as it was intended to be).

✅  Harangue can also refer to a public speech that’s overly long or boring, but in any case it’s almost always used as a negative word.

Try writing a harangue about something that’s bothering you with the help of Grammar Coach!

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