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accordingly is a synonym of so

adverb [ uh-kawr-ding-lee ]

accordingly is another word for so

✅  Both so and accordingly introduce a statement that results from what was just mentioned—they are transitional words that signal what is coming next.

✅  So is best when you want to be more informal and conversational in tone (I wanted to buy a basket so I went to the outdoor market).

✅  Accordingly is somewhat formal, but occurs mainly in non-technical contexts (They had a lot to do. Accordingly, they started working an hour earlier than usual).

✅  Accordingly can also simply modify a verb instead of an entire statement (We expect you to know right from wrong and act accordingly).

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haughty is a synonym of arrogant

adjective [ haw-tee ]

haughty is another word for arrogant

✅  Arrogant applies to overbearing behavior stemming from an exaggerated belief in one’s importance (He’s so arrogant and rude; an arrogant attitude). 

✅  Haughty also refers to a belief in one’s own superiority, but it implies a confidence and lofty reserve as well, perhaps making it seem less offensive (haughty and aloof; haughty and imperious).

✅  One’s eyes or look may be described as haughty, while arrogant is more commonly found in insults that target someone’s entire personality, such as calling someone an arrogant jerk (or worse).

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narrate is a synonym of describe

verb [ nar-eyt, na-reyt ]

narrate is another word for describe

✅  To describe is to provide specific details about the appearance, nature, or attributes of someone or something (She described the scene in great detail).

✅  Narrate can mean to describe an event, usually by giving an account of it in chronological order (The journalist narrated the incident that took place at the saloon).

✅   Narrate is also used in a much more specific way meaning to perform spoken, offscreen commentary for a film or program (George Takei narrates the documentary). 

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