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scheme is a synonym of design

noun [ skeem ]

scheme is another word for design

✅  A design and a scheme are both methods that have been formulated for doing something.

✅  Design is best when you wish to suggest art, dexterity, or even trickery in the carrying out of a plan. Design especially emphasizes the purpose of the plan (The humiliation of the soda company’s competition was not by accident, but by design).

✅  Scheme often refers to an off-the-wall, impracticable, or even devious plan (She and her friends hatched a dastardly scheme to impersonate the queen and her consorts).

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composed is a synonym of calm

adjective [ kuhm-pohzd ]

composed is another word for calm

✅  Someone who is calm is in an unruffled state, even under stressful conditions (He had a calm and soothing voice that put people at ease).

✅  A person described as composed has dignified self-possession, usually as a result of effort (Her cool and composed demeanor, even in times of upheaval, allowed her to make sound decisions).

✅  While calm can describe a whole host of relaxed or tranquil things as well as people, and composed in this sense is only intended for people who are confident as well, don’t be surprised to see them working together (The nurses were always calm and composed)!

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aver is a synonym of allege

verb [ uh-vur ]

aver is another word for allege

✅  To allege something is often to make a statement without providing the full evidence to support it (The children alleged that having to take out the trash was a violation of their rights).

✅  Aver is best when you are making a confident declaration—it’s like a more formal version of assert (The historian boldly averred that the war was caused by a struggle over resources).

⚠️  Because allege implies doubt about an assertion’s accuracy, tread with caution—if you really want to sound positive about your statement, use aver instead!

We aver that these are some great synonyms for aver!

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