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aver is a synonym of allege

verb [ uh-vur ]

aver is another word for allege

✅  To allege something is often to make a statement without providing the full evidence to support it (The children alleged that having to take out the trash was a violation of their rights).

✅  Aver is best when you are making a confident declaration—it’s like a more formal version of assert (The historian boldly averred that the war was caused by a struggle over resources).

⚠️  Because allege implies doubt about an assertion’s accuracy, tread with caution—if you really want to sound positive about your statement, use aver instead!

We aver that these are some great synonyms for aver!

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comprise is a synonym of include

verb [ kuhm-prahyz ]

comprise is another word for include

✅  Both include and comprise can mean to contain parts of a whole (this package includes batteries; the system comprises two beacons and a tracking device).

✅  Include is not exhaustive—it details a part as among those that make up the whole, while comprise tends to imply that all the parts that make up the whole are being explicitly mentioned.

✅  Additionally, neither verb works exactly like compose, which reverses the subject and object. We tend to say that the parts compose the whole while the whole includes or comprises the parts.

⚠️  And though comprise is also a synonym of consist of, try to resist the temptation of adding a superfluous of after comprise (This volume comprises three sections)!

More synonyms of comprise are included here!

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wisdom is a synonym of information

noun [ wiz-duhm ]

wisdom is another word for information

✅  Information is a common, general word that refers to knowledge or just data (For more information, please go to the city’s environmental planning website).

✅  Wisdom is knowledge on another level. It is deep-seated knowledge gained over time and synthesized together, often used to produce insight and sound judgment (Her grandfather would share words of wisdom with her before major events in her life).

✅  The main difference between these nouns is the often unorganized and random nature of information (When buying a car, it’s hard to process all the information) that contrasts with the cohesive, time-worn, and transcendent nature of wisdom (Conventional wisdom dictates that spending time outside is good for your body, mind, and soul!).

Here’s more information about synonyms of wisdom!

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